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NYC Marketing Goal !

To maintain a steady record of growth and prosperity for our clients, while maintaining a small-firm focus as it pertains to not only our services, but our responsive hands-on and personalized approach. Building our company on RESULTS remains our guiding principle. We strive to turn today's traders into tomorrows investors.
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Is marketing a good solution for your company?

NYC Marketing Inc. is a national investor relations and marketing firm that provides comprehensive, customized services to publicly traded companies.  NYC has an array of services to fit your every need and can customize our services to fit any budget. We cover all exchanges, TSX, OTCBB, NASDAQ, Pink sheets and AMEX

Many companies ask themselves "Do I really need to budget for a marketing campaign?"
Well we feel the answer to that is can you really afford not to!

What would be the cost to your company for a missed opportunity?  Of course, it's impossible to know at the time an opportunity is missed, but years later it will become clear when a competitor opens a new factory or enters a new market and their revenue grows faster then their competitors.  In other words, the annual cost of a strategic marketing plan is miniscule compared to the revenue, market share, and profitability it can generate.

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