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NYC Marketing's services are provided by people who have a handle on what it takes, from a marketing standpoint, to get your company noticed. This expertise includes learning about the client’s company, the employees (if any), the product, and the service. With this information, our professionals start to put things into motion by devising a plan on how we can help your company get the Internet presence it deserves.
In most cases, professional marketing will include creating a plan, which would be based on the overall goal, the company’s budget, and any other special factors. Our professional team has the ability to create a strategy for marketing your company and the knowhow to implement it.  The outcome is you having more people looking at what you have to offer and the opportunity to boost profit.


Services List

    press release services


* Weekly package

Email Awareness Alerts, Updates and company fact sheet   we will distribute news and trade alerts concerning your company among our entire member base which consists of over 250,000 opt-in subscribers and growing daily

NYC Marketing Inc. knows that in order to make serious investment decisions, individuals must do quality due diligence. To assist the investment community,we do just that.

NYC Marketing Inc. profiles your company in great detail regarding all the pertinent information that investors are interested in knowing, and delivering that information right to their email box.

Social Media/Marketing Company Article (500) words) submitted through EZINE articles,Yahoo and Google, and will be picked up by many of the social sites listed to the right.

Increased Liquidity Of Company And Boost Shareholder Base
NYC Marketing Inc. is focused on bringing awareness from multiple sources to your company and by doing so will increase shareholder base and bring liquidity.

Press Release Consultation
NYC Marketing Inc. can help you create and compose exciting news about your company that will catch investors attention. We can also help with the timing of each press release for better overall impact

Distributing the fact sheet via E-Mail & Direct Mail Programs to Institutional and Individual Investors in Brokerages, Funds & Financial Firms.

Increasing & Uniting Your Shareholder Base, while assuring that individuals, brokers, and houses/ hedge funds who hold share in your stock see your company as a positive position in their portfolio for at least a mid to long-term hold.

Increase of Institutional Awareness through our In House call center. Allow our IR reps exhibit the value of your corporation to potential brokers, qualified investors, funds and financial centers over the phone.

Stock Talk and Direct Communication in the online investment community via highly populated and trafficked websites, message boards, blogs and chats.

NYC Marketing Inc. makes sure every stock chat room and message board is aware of your presence and upside potential

NYC Marketing Inc. has connections with owners and top traders of the most trafficked stock forums. We can have "your stock" as the center of attention in several live chat rooms and on the TOP stock message boards, ie: Yahoo Finance,Investors Hub,The Lion and more.

Any Investor Relations Service and/or Funding needed by our clients. We provide direction and lead consultation with our Market, IR and Capital Experts.

NYC Marketing Inc. has several web sites that will provide greater awareness for your stock. This will give investors awarenes on your company and bring them right to your door for information.

Social Networking: Our communication approach is essential to any awareness campaign and we are on the fore front in the industry in regards to social networking and online marketing. We have the ability to deliver important Investment information, including stock alerts, investor awareness news and press release coverage through Facebook,and our own highly trafficked Blog page, available here: as well as NYC Twitter and combined affilate sites( 100,000 twitter followers and growing) twitter logo

Overall Campaign Continuity and Client Satisfaction We will stay on the job from beginning to end. We will coordinate efforts with other promotional groups to send out an alert to their members during the course of the campaign, ensuring instead of huge pop then a crash and burn scenario, you will have consistent exposure for the campaign. This will allow the chart to develop and will provide an opportunity for the technical traders to follow your client.

In terms of technicals we will provide a weekly technical analysis, and the value of investing in your client.

All of the stocks we profile meet or exceed a certain level of confidence that our members have come to rely on.

Additional services available:
**Audio/Video Charts
**Long term IR services
**Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
**Premier company website design
**Financing solutions/raising capital

**CEO Interview

* call for pricing

** denotes additional fee




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Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. They offer video, news, and images to be added.
Alexa Rank:142 People Count: 22,810,196 Rank: 33

Technorati has 1.5 million new blog posts daily and introduces readers to the webs best blogs in catagories such as Technology, Business, Entertainment, and more.
Alexa: Rank: 362 People Count: 2,575,490 Rank: 517

Stumbleupon discovers web sites based on your interests using the StumbleUpon Toolbar. They use both tagging and voting and it is very easy to add a site.
Alexa Rank: 593 People Count: 2,068,564 Rank: 666

Reddit offers User-generated news links and a voting system for members to exposure the stories they like.
Alexa Rank: 5842 People Count: 2,833,135 Rank: 460

Propeller lets users pick the news. Vote or submit a story that you have.
Alexa: 970 People Count: 1,822,267 Rank: 770

Delicious is a social bookmarking manager that offers the biggest collection of bookmarks in the universe.
Alexa Rank: 4783 People Count: 1,595,342 Rank: 924

Mixx has the latest news, videos, and photos from around the web.
Alexa Rank: 1537 People Count: 615,674 Rank: 2707

Slashdot offers technology and computer related news for tech savvy people.
Alexa Rank: 5413 Pople Count: 917479 Rank: 1747

Fark has interesting, bizarre, and amusing news stories.
Alexa Rank: 3087 People Count: 374, 520 Rank: 4613

Bloglines allows users to share rss feeds in many differnet lanugages.
Alexa Rank: 7189 People Count: 487823 Rank: 3509